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What characteristics should resins and materials that can be processed by rotomolding have?

  • High capacity to be ground to a fine powder, without having to resort to external cooling.
  • Narrow particle distribution.
  • Uniform particle size. The common mesh sizes for powders used in rotomolding range from 16 to 50, corresponding to particle sizes between 1.9 and 0.30 mm respectively. A particle size of 35 mesh powder is suitable for rotomolding.
  • Adequate fluidization, so that the powder does not require any external pressure other than gravity.
  • Greater bulk density to improve the processability for rotomolding, because compacting is favored in narrow packages, helping to melt the resin.
  • Ease of fusion that does not have to add more temperature that causes degradation or that melts too quickly to not form puddles and that the walls of the mold are not covered well, this is achieved by a chemical crosslinking of the resin.